Property Management


Heather Grassing

Property Manager/Sales Associate

Bus: 250-428-9040

Cell: 250-428-1517

TF: 800-428-9048

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Creston Valley Realty

Services for Tenants

  • Provide a list of availble properties
  • Show available properties
  • Collect rent and security deposit on behalf of the landlord
  • Ensure quiet enjoyment of the property
  • Follow the BC Residential Tenancy Act. (The rules to which landlords and tenants are governed by.)

Services for Landlords

  • Advice on Market Rent
  • Advertise for, screen and place renters.
  • Collect rent, security deposit and deposit to your account directly (if financial institution is in town) or mail it.
  • Provide monthly and yearly statements.
  • Co-ordinate repairs to a pre-determined authorized amount (generally $200)
  • Get separate authorization for repairs over the pre-determined amount.
  • Provide a walk-thru inspection as required.
  • Issue eviction notices as required.
  • Determine amount of security deposit to be refunded to tenant
  • Use our expertise to adhere to the BC Residential Tenancy Act. (The rules to which landlord and tenants are governed by.)

Please call for a quote on services provided.